Actor Shahid Kapoor starrer Kabir Singh was criticised for being sexist and now the director of the film has come out to justify a few scenes that many critics deemed offensive. In as many as three major scenes, the director tries to focus on the actor’s private parts. In one scene, he cuts himself, in another, he wets himself and then also pushes some ice cubes into his pants.

The scenes may seem narratively justified. One can say that he had an overdose of the drug and therefore, he didn’t realise before peeing his pants. However, the collective expression of so much importance being given on the character’s private parts is something that needs justification. So, when director Sandeep Reddy was asked to answer the same, he explained that the particular scene in which Shahid’s character is seen passing out and peeing his pants highlights his downfall.

Reddy talked to Film Companion in an interview and revealed that his idea behind the scene was clear. He said he wanted to show that a man who was successful in life is going to meet his tragedy now. And therefore, that scene where Kabir Singh pisses his pants while lying unconsciously in his own house on the day of his brother’s wedding signifies that he is unaware of where his life is taking him from there. The director said, “I thought that’s the beginning of his personal tragedy. A person like Kabir Singh is pissing in his own pants and you never show the hero like that. I thought there’s a lot of power in it – showing him slowly going down.”

He added that Kabir Singh was a celebrated man till then. However, that scene acts as the middle point in his life from where he was going to slip down towards darkness. “You know when you see Kabir like that in the football ground and in the Holi scene, and then you see him pissing in the interval and the title coming there, I felt like this is the beginning of the personal tragedy now, so it’ll be a nice thing to start in the second half,” Reddy was quoted telling the website.

Buying this justification?