Actress Shilpa Shetty‘s film journey hasn’t been quite impressive and she herself accepts that. While having a conversation about her career at the 20th FICCI Frame, she talked about how the audience has accepted her better today than in the past when she was doing films. Shilpa also expressed how it hurt her when she wasn’t acknowledged for her performance in acclaimed films like Phir Milenge (2004) and Dhadkan (2000).

Shilpa said, “I did not feel people were accepting me as an actor. Maybe I wasn’t that good actor. Even after doing films like Phir Milenge and Dhadkan, I never got an award. I felt rejected and bad. I have completed 25 years and I feel the kind of love I am getting today is more as compared to then when I was actively working in films. I don’t remember how I became an actress I have forgotten that journey. I feel we are born for a purpose.”

The actress also took a dig at her physical appearance at the time when she debuted in the film industry. She said, “I always felt I am doing the right work. I am hardworking. I hide under the sofa when I see my old films. Back then in films I had blonde hair, used to wear blue lenses and red lipstick. I wonder how I got opportunities.” She added, “I think it was all destiny. There is no successful person who hasn’t faced failure. The more you get rejected you rise and give your best.”

The actress has found new stardom with her appearances on TV. The actress talked about the same and said that the impact of working on the small screen is big. Shilpa said, “TV is gratifying. With TV I am able to connect and entertain. Due to TV, I like the fact that people like me as Shilpa Shetty and not some character of a film. The power of the small screen is big as the biggest of stars come to TV to promote their film.”