Singer and actor SP Balasubrahmanyam says that actresses these days don’t know what kind of clothes they should wear in public. He was talking at an event in Telugu when he made a rather controversial statement generalising the actresses and questioning their choice of dressing up. He said that he doesn’t fear if he’s offending any actress with his statement, also because he doesn’t think any actress will be able to understand his words as he was speaking in Telugu.

Balasubrahmanyam was quoted by Indiaglitz saying, “These days, actresses don’t know what kind of dress they should wear for film events. Should their behaviour be taken as an act of innocence? Or do they think that only if they wear revealing outfits will heroes and directors give them opportunities? We have reached an all-time low.”

He added, “I wouldn’t mind even if my comments anger the heroines. In any case, most of them don’t know Telugu, so they won’t understand my comments.”

Seems like as we, collectively, take a small step forward in making society a better place for women, we go 10 steps back in realising the fight is bigger than we think. Just how justified it is to demean the members of your own industry for the choices made and decisions taken in their own lives? All this when we are talking about what next after #MeToo! Your thoughts on these statements?