Actor Alia Bhatt‘s mother Soni Razdan has opened up on how she has brought up her daughter, who’s one of the major movie stars in the country today. Razdan is currently promoting her upcoming film titled No Fathers In Kashmir. During one promotional interview, she was asked a question about being a mother to Alia and if she has ever treated her like a star. The senior actor maintained that Alia has always been given the most humble and normal treatment at home, as other kids from regular middle-class families receive. She went on to say that had there been even an inkling of stardom in the house, she knew her kids would not have grown up to become so hardworking and full of life.

Razdan told India Today, “I did not bring up my child to think that she was a star. If I had treated her any differently, it would have messed everything up. She was brought up normally, like other kids… in a normal house, and it was a normal middle-class life.”

She also talked about working with Alia on-screen again. Razdan said that if something good comes her way, she will never resist having the most of that opportunity. Both Alia and her mother were recently seen together in Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi. “We would be happy to work with each other. Nobody has offered us anything yet,” said Razdan.

In another promotional interaction with Bollywoodlife, the veteran actor expressed her views on her daughter’s relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. She called the actor a ‘lovely boy’ and clarified that she has nothing to do with who Alia chooses to date in her life. She said that she has a strong daughter and she will always support and accept her choices. Razdan was quoted by the portal saying, “It’s her personal life. Ranbir is a lovely boy. I think whoever Alia has dated before or will date, (it) is her choice and her life. I’ll always support her but I don’t think I should discuss this you know. It’s not right on my part to discuss (her personal life) in public. As a mom, I’m just happy if she is happy.”