Actor Taapsee Pannu is currently enjoying some downtime after her latest film Game Over hit the screens today, June 14. In an interview with a news agency, she revealed how her serious characters in films like Badla, Game Over and Mulk take a toll on her mentally. She said that playing such characters is actually emotionally exhausting.

Taapsse spoke to IANS in an interview before the release of the film and described her struggle of dealing with such characters. The critically acclaimed actor said, “I really had to psyche myself out to understand the character who has gone through a dark incident and how her body and mind reacts after one year.” Taapsee added that one has to understand that her character is ‘traumatised’ and portraying that is both important and difficult.

Her film Game Over is directed by Aswin Saravanan and produced by Reliance Entertainment. It has been released in three languages – Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Ever since the posters of the film were released, the audience were intrigued because it showed the character of Taapsee living her life wheelchair-bound. The actor revealed that it’s a substantial part of the story. She recalled her experiences of performing intense characters on-screen and said, “In Badla also I had a very different character to play. Perhaps that is why after every film, my mental fabric changes a bit.”

Taapsee added that it’s natural for any actor to feel that such serious characters are altering their real-life personality a bit. She said that she usually shoots her films without any break and that’s the reason why she often finds herself getting too close to her characters. Taapsee was quoted saying, “Actors like us are little different, our approach towards reality is different from others. Since we are making the world believe that a character exists, which is actually fictional, our mental fabric is different.”