Actor Tanushree Dutta, who accused Nana Patekar, Ganesh Acharya and two others of sexual harassment last year, has issued a clarification on a new reported update in the case. In her latest statement to the media, she has revealed that neither Nana nor others have been given a clean chit in the case by the Police. Various media reports suggested recently that due to the lack of evidence and no witness, the Mumbai Police have set Nana free. However, Tanushree maintained that the investigation is still going on and his lawyer Nitin Satpute has confirmed the same to her.

In her official statement, the actor said that Nana’s PR team spread the false rumour because ‘the accused in harassment cases are not getting any work in the industry and this is their attempt at damage control and fixing the public image.’ Tanushree went on to highlight that it’s not possible for the police to give a clean chit to one accused when the FIR was filed against four people. She revealed that it’s true the investigation has been slow due to ‘constant threat calls from Nana’s people received by many key witnesses from our side who have been unable to record their statement due to fear and intimation’. The actor added that false witnesses have been presented in the place of real witnesses to ‘mislead the investigation.’

A part of her official statement read, “But I still have hope that no matter how long it takes, I can expect to see Nana Patekar, choreographer Ganesh Acharya, producer Sami Siddique and director Rakesh Sawant behind bars for orchestrating the harassment and mob attack on me and my family in our car.”

Tanushree had alleged that she was sexually harassed on the sets of Horn OK Pleassss back in the year 2009 by Nana Patekar during the shoot of a dance number. She said that choreographer Ganesh Acharya helped Nana in suggesting dance steps that included touching her inappropriately. As per her claim, neither the director nor the producer of the film came to her rescue when she escalated the issue to them.

Now, in her statement regarding the true update on the police case, the actor said that she had to stay away from her career in the movie business for 10 long years because of the trauma she faced after the incident. Tanushree addressed the accused in her statement and said, “I will not let you get off the hook so easily. Let the sword of jail and public scrutiny hang over your heads at least a decade till you are brought to your knees in humility and repentance!! An eye for an eye and a decade for a decade unless you are forgiven by grace. You will repent and ask for forgiveness until then I’m not dropping this case. Let it go on for as long as it can. I have time on my side!!”

Tanushree had talked about the issue in the media then as well. Now, when she spoke about it again, she triggered #MeToo and became the flag bearer of the movement in the country.