Actor Tanushree Dutta is both enraged and disappointed about Nana Patekar getting a clean chit by the Mumbai Police in the sexual harassment case against him. The actor had alleged that Nana touched her inappropriately on the sets of a film in the year 2009. Now, talking to Times Now about the development in the case, Tanushree said that women in India are never going to get justice by law. She said she knew this was coming her way because women are always subjected to criticism and bullying when they raise their voice against sexual offenders.

Talking to the news portal, the actor said that it’s important for women to continue naming and shaming their harassers under movements like #MeToo because dependence on law enforcers is not going to get them anything. She was quoted saying, “The movement, this whole idea of speaking out and naming and shaming your harassers and abusers is not dependent on the law taking any action because this is the proof of which why so many women took to social media to name and shame their abusers and harassers, because this is what happens when you file an FIR.”

In Tanushree’s case, police have mentioned that they could not found any legit proof that Nana harassed her on the sets of Horn OK Pleasss. The actor, therefore, clearly stated that she has now got zero faith in law and order. Tanushree said, “Don’t trust the law and order, they are good for nothing. Now, this should be an example for all the people who have questioned the women saying why haven’t you filed the FIR, police complaint, so this is a way to shut those people.”

The actor also questioned the police’s unfair behaviour in not even testifying all the witnesses before filing a B-summary in the court. She talked about Nana and once again accused her of harassing many women. She said that she is shocked to realise the actor didn’t only harass her but also insulted many other women from the industry. Tanushree was quoted saying, “It amazes me that a man who has been for decades called out for his abusive and foolish behaviour, if one woman calls him out in public, she still gets called a liar. This is an old story in our country… any woman who speaks about harassment or abuse is a liar.”