Actor Anupam Kher says that films like The Accidental Prime Minister should be sent to Oscars. The actor was talking to an entertainment portal in his latest interview when he questioned that films like his next celebrate modern politics and are well made, then why can’t it be sent to the Oscars.

Spotboye has quoted Kher explaining how The Accidental Prime Minister is different from most Indians films that are popular and are sent to coveted film awards. He said, “For how long can we keep selling the poverty of India, the backwardness of India, the backward class of India, the class distinction in India, the elephants in India, the monkeys in India? This is a movie which talks about modern Indian politics, made with amazing amount of brilliance by the directors and the producers and the cast is phenomenal. We should send this kind of movie for Oscars”.

The veteran actor has been defending the content of his film after many people criticised it for hitting the theatres before Lok Sabha elections. In fact, the trailer of the film too got vanished from YouTube. The same was reported by Kher himself on his social media. Here:

Earlier, the actor said that the controversy around the film will only give more attention to it. He also talked about how The Accidental Prime Minister or any film with political content can’t influence a voter’s mind. He told IANS, “A filmmaker or an artiste really cannot figure out why people are voting for a political party. Some voters are loyalists; some are making a list of good and bad to choose a party and the government. How much can a film could contribute to that?” He added, “Having said that, I personally believe that when people go to vote for choosing a government, they do not decide anything based on the impact of a film”.