Actress Vidya Balan talked about body shaming, sexism, and bullying at a recent event. The Parineeta star was promoting her first radio show in Mumbai when she was asked to throw light on the issues and how she deals with all of it as a popular actress.

Vidya said that sexism is a phenomenon that women across the world deal with. She asserted that it’s not just about the film industry. Vidya said, “I think sexism does exist not only in the film industry but in our society across the globe. I would say that now, I have put myself in a position where it does not affect me. Of course, it has taken a lot and I completely empathize with people who face that. But I probably insulated myself from all these, cannot deny that sexism exists.”

Vidya is one of those actresses who has always stood up for women and equal rights in her own ways, without being called a ‘feminist’. She has always encouraged body positivity and has requested women to embrace their bodies in every form. At the event, she touched upon the same issue again and said that she personally relates to it. Vidya revealed that she carved her own mechanism to deal with hate comments towards her body.

Vidya said, “In my early days, even before I entered the film industry, people said various discouraging things about me, they called me “moti” and I faced body shaming. It really affects our confidence.” The actress added that while physical fitness is necessary, it shouldn’t aim to create one’s body in a certain way or should be considered to achieve societal standards of looking beautiful.

On the work front, she will be seen in Mission Mangal, Mahila Mandali and Telugu film Thala 59.