Actress Vidya Balan wishes for a world there is no need to dedicate a special day to celebrate women. The actress was present at a recent event on the occasion of International Women’s Day when she said that it’s important for a woman to give more importance to herself. When asked to comment on the changes in the lives of women working in the film industry, Vidya said, “I won’t just talk about the film industry. I wish, as women, we should value ourselves little more each day so that someday we will not need women’s day to celebrate our achievements and strengths.”

Known for performing in some powerful female-centric films like The Dirty Picture (2011) and Kahaani, Vidya also mentioned that the kind of cinema in which women are given substantiate roles is growing in India. She said, “I think it used to happen before also but then it was happening in ‘fits and spurts’. But at present, female-centric cinema is growing slowly and steadily. The more success these kinds of films would get, the more they would be made.”

Vidya added, “There will be a time when people will just go to cinemas to watch the film without thinking whether it’s a male-centric or a female-centric film and that’s where we are heading. There are lots of faces who are responsible for this change. I think there are lots of stories waiting to be told.”

When asked, how she is celebrating International Women’s Day, Vidya said: “I am celebrating women’s day by working and celebrating with the women who are celebrating themselves, who are living their lives to their fullest potential, unapologetically and I think there is no better way to celebrate any day than this way.”

She was also asked to reveal who are the women she takes inspiration from. To which Vidya said that she can’t name one. She said, “I feel every woman who is trying to lead her life on her own terms is an inspiration to me.”

On the work front, Vidya will next be seen on-screen in Telugu film NTR: Kathanayakudu and Hindi film Mission Mangal.