Vivek Dahiya, has finally given back to all those who trolled wife Divyanka Tripathi for sharing plenty of pictures with Vivek on social media but Vivek hardly sharing any. It did not end there, their followers even questioned Vivek’s love for Divya.

While Divyanka immediately gave them a befitting reply by asking people to enjoy the video instead of judging, husband Vivek opened up recently while talking to the Times of India. He said, “These trollers are juvenile and are being childish. It is untrue that I don’t share pictures with Divyanka, I do as much as I want to. There is no such compulsion for me that there has to be one picture uploaded once a week or month. When I feel like to share a picture with her, I do then. We are very secure as partners, our marriage is not based on social media. Our relationship does not get dictated or influenced by what people say, it is between two of us and it has to stay like that.”

Divyanka shared a video of Vivek paying her a surprise visit on a talk show. While many of her followers were happy to see the two together on the sets but quite a number of them questioned Vivek’s love for his wife. Divyanka politely replied by saying, “Just stop talking about such petty things. You think our love can be measured by how we behave on insta? I didn’t post happy birthday for my dad here…so don’t I love him? It’s a message to all asking such silly things… Believe me, we do breath and talk outside TV, FB, Twitter and Insta as well. And please don’t bash Ms/Mr Glitters…for this. Just understand leave our personal behavior to us…and enjoy this video.” This sure proves that the two do not believe in sharing pictures on social media to be in love.