Actor Vivek Oberoi‘s latest statement has made everyone look back to what happened in the year 2003 between him and Salman Khan. In an interview with an entertainment portal, Vivek was questioned on what would he ask Salman Khan if the superstar is given truth serum. Vivek answered that he would ask Salman if he truly believes in forgiving people. Vivek was quoted by Bollywood Hungama saying that he would like to ask Salman, “Do you truly believe in forgiveness?”

Vivek and Salman were on loggerheads over the latter’s statement against the former made in the year 2003. When Aishwarya Rai (now Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) walked out on Salman Khan and started dating her Kyun! Ho Gaya Na… (2004) co-star Vivek Oberoi, the relationship between the two men turned really sour. So much so that Vivek called for a press conference and accused Salman of calling him in a drunken state and threatening to kill him. It is believed that Vivek’s accusations against Salman led his Bollywood career to suffer big time and resulted in his downfall in the movie business. Later, Vivek tried to apologie to Salman at various events in front of all but the big star never paid attention.

Earlier, while speaking to director-choreographer Farah Khan on her chat show, Vivek openly stated that he regretted the decision of calling a press conference against Salman the moment ‘he sat in front of the media.’ He revealed that he acted instinctively and did something he should not have, considering even his good friend and Salman’s brother Sohail Khan offered him help and asked him to wait for sometime until he gets involved and sorts out the issue. Vivek also mentioned that the person because of whom the entire issue emerged never showed any appreciation for his move and rather deem him ‘immature’.

Well, some things just leave scars so deep on life it becomes impossible to wipe them off!