Movie Zero is finally out after much anticipation, and while it has got mixed reviews from moviegoers, actor Shah Rukh Khan has been praised for his performance. As usual, the King of Romance has outdone himself with his acting, and fans can not but praise his work, and Shah Rukh being Shah Rukh, he did not forget to thank his followers for the adulation that was directed at him. He took to his social media page to thank them in a unique and heartfelt way.

On his Twitter page, Shah Rukh posted a message in which he thanked his fans, and also said that he enjoyed reading the messages but can not answer individually. The message also had lines from a poem that spoke of his gratitude.

A day earlier, Shah Rukh, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma were praised for their performance in the movie, with most of the news portals giving a thumbs-up to the film. Shah Rukh, who got most of the praise, thanked them for their support.

Fans from all over India had posted pictures and videos in preparation for the release of Zero, and Shah Rukh had thanked each group for the support.

Shah Rukh has always been known to be generous with his affection for his fans, whether it be on his birthday or any other occasion, greeting them whenever they assemble outside his residence or post something online. Truly a star with a big heart.