Bollywood’s dancing queen Madhuri Dixit is back with a bang with her debut Marathi film. The trailer of Bucket List released today, in which the actress features as Madhura Sane, a character who plays multiple roles, namely of a housewife, a mother and a daughter-in-law. The most interesting part comes when Madhura gets acquainted with her newfound interest- checking off to-dos from the bucket list of a teenager named Sai, who happens to have donated her heart to Madhura.

The trailer starts with Madhura’s daughter simplifying the term ‘Bucket List’ for her mother’s easy understanding. Madhura’s daughter says a Bucket List is a person’s identity and without it life has no purpose. This makes Madhura curious and she ends up discovering Sai’s diary with the details of her bucket list, which she could not check off. Thus, begins Madhura’s roller-coaster ride of living the dreams of Sai, as a tribute to her.

From riding a motorcycle for a trip to Ladakh, getting sloshed in the pub and indulging in a kinky romance with her husband to clicking a selfie with Ranbir Kapoor, who is apparently making a cameo in the film, Madhura Sane attempts it all. In fact, in her pursuit to fulfil Sai’s bucket list, Madhuri finds her mojo and ends up ticking off her wish list.

Watch the trailer here:

Bucket List is a perfect blend of fun and entertainment, coupled with a strong message. Helmed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar, the film has been described as ‘a slice-of-life film about a woman’s journey of self-discovery’. Talking about Bucket List, Dixit had earlier said, “It is a story of every household yet it has a silver lining. It not only gives you hope and inspiration but also encourages you to live life in the true sense. The most fascinating factor for me to choose it is that it is going to carve a niche in everyone’s heart.” 

Apart from starring Madhuri Dixit, the movie also stars Sumeet Raghavan as Dixit’s husband, Renuka Shahane and Ranbir Kapoor in a cameo. Produced by Dharma Productions, Bucket List looks like an entertaining film and is slated to release on May 25.