Helmed by Robbie Grewal, the spy thriller RAW – Romeo Akbar Walter, was set to take off earlier this month but unfortunately, the film was put on a back burner to reportedly accommodate Sushant Singh Rajput‘s other projects – Drive, Chanda Mama Door Ke and Kedarnath – Bunty Walia. Since Sushant Singh Rajput walked out of the film, the co-producer of ‘Romeo Akbar Walter’ lashed out at the actor for leaving him in a lurch just when his film was to roll.

In a statement to Mumbai Mirror, Bunty said, “We had planned to kick off on October 1 and wrap up the film by November 30 in a start-to-finish schedule. We had signed Sushant in February and had his dates too. His sudden exit came as a shock to us, in particular to Robbie, given that he had given his nod right away. Directors are sentimental about their script and for Robbie it’s an emotional setback.” ALSO READ: (Shahid Kapoor: You Have To Wait For The Film To Discover The Role)

Bunty Walia said the film is now getting back on track. Though Sushant opted out of his film, Bunty stayed positive and said that the film is being planned on a bigger scale. He added, “Now that we have the time, we’re working to improve the script and it should be ready by month-end, after which the director will decide which actors to approach. Explaining why there has been a delay, Bunty said, “An extensive recce has been done, locations have been finalised, and commitments made. There won’t be any changes but Robbie is now preparing a virtual storyboard which is why the slight delay.” ALSO READ: (Akshay Kumar Shares The First Pic Of Asin And Rahul Sharma’s New Born Baby Girl)

Stating that Sushant has missed out on a great opportunity, Bunty further added, “It’s a great story that needs to be told. We had signed Sushant but then he decided to shift the date and that was not acceptable. Two weeks ago, Robbie came back saying he wants to make some changes to the script that was narrated to Sushant and make the film bigger in terms of how he wants to shoot. Bad luck to the one who missed the bus.”