Actor Lisa Ray, who recently launched her memoir – Close to The Bones, slammed leading publication of Kolkata ‘The Telegraph’ for using an inappropriate picture of her. She recently opened up about her journey and struggles. She has interviewed with several publications in a bid to promote her book. One of the publications that took her interview was ‘The Telegraph’ but as soon as the article was published in the newspaper, it disappointed the actor. In the picture, Lisa can be seen wearing a sexy blue dress while her publisher gave them a different picture to go along with the article, The Telegraph opted for the bold picture.

As soon as, Lisa landed in Kolkata today morning, the article came into her attention and as it turns out to be the picture along with the article disappointed her. She took to social media to share the screenshot of the article. She said that she has written in depth on casual sexism during the ’90s in India and it seems that it still persists. She captioned it, “Does anyone else see the irony in using THIS image – instead of an author image provided by my publisher – for an article about my memoir @CloseToTheBone_ where I talk about struggling as a woman with overcoming sexist stereotypes? Just landed in #Kolkata and I must say I’m disappointed With #TheTelegraph unless I’m missing the punchline? I’ve written in depth on this manner of casual sexism during the 90s in India in but it seems it still persists. We NEED to change the narrative. What say?” (sic)

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Earlier, she spoke to news agency PTI and mentioned That she had to deal with a lot after she was deemed a ‘sex symbol’ at the mere age of 16. The 47-year-old actor revealed that she doesn’t like to label herself today but back then, when there’s was nothing in her hand, that ‘haunted’ her for her entire life.

She was quoted saying, “I hate to be labelled and put into boxes but I had to deal with it since a young age because I was a sex symbol at the age of 16. It was completely unanticipated.” Lisa went on to say that she didn’t even know how to manage attention when she was 16-year-old. She said, “To suddenly become this figure for an entire nation and on top of that, to look much older, that has haunted me my entire life up until now.”