Chaya accepts that she is in love with Satyajit in tonight’s episode of Chandra Nandni. Chandra aka Chandragupta Maurya (Rajat Tokas) is shocked to hear this. He walks to Nandni and says when you knew that it was Chaya’s letter then why did you keep mum in the court. Nandni replied that I know that Chaya is your sister and I knew that you would never understand her love because you don’t know what the love is about. She later added that she was quite in the courtyard (Sabha) because she didn’t want innocent Satyajeet and Chaya to be punished by you.

Chandra takes Nandni (Shweta Basu) to his courtyard again and announces the marriage of Chaya and satyajit. He takes back the decision according to which she was suppose to give away her loyal life. Nandni asks Chanakya (Manoj Kolhatkar), please tell what Shastra says about the consequences of decision that was taken by the Maharaj Chandra sometime back. Chanakya says that Chandra’s decision was wrong as it was taken without any proof and discussion.

He is apologetic to Nandni.  He asks her to punish him in the way she wants. Nandni says that she wants her mentally ill brother Pandu to come inside palace and carry on his treatment. Chadra orders to bring her brother back to palace. Chaya comes to Nandni and thanks her for all her help. Meanwhile Helina walks in and reminds Nandni about the promise to continue her bad-behavior with Chandra. The wedding arrangement begins. Nandni talks to her mother Avantika and one of her bhabhi about her plans to set free her brother Dhananand. She says that tomorrow all the people will be busy in marriage and I will go and make my brother free from jail. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya actress Shikha Singh to enter Chandra Nandini!)

Moora, Rajmata and mother of Chandra walks to Nandni and thanks her for making her daughter happy. Moora  and also asks her to perform kanyadan during wedding.  Nandni nodded yes. Next day, Nandni sits with Chadra to perform wedding ritual of Chaya and Satyajit. Helina feels bad and jealous too. Nandni is thinking and totally clueless how to escape from wedding rituals to help Dhananand to flee away from palace. The wedding is about to complete and one solider walks in and informs all that Dhananand has escaped.

Nandni thanks that if I did not do anything then how is it possible that Dhan Bhaiya ran away.  Chanda instantly order his soldiers to search for him. Helina drags Nandni in courtyard and accused her for helping her brother in escape. Chandra asks Helina to present any proof. Helina presents a dasi (female servant) who has reportedly heard about Nandni’s plan to set her brother free from Magadha’s jail. Chandra says that Nandni was with him during wedding and he needs strong evidences to prove her guilty. (ALSO READ: Chandra Nandini: Rajat Tokas is TV industry’s blue eyed boy says Ekta Kapoor!)

In the next scene, Chandra is talking to Charakya and confesses that he had already seen Map of palace in Nandni’s room. Charakya says that everything is going well according to our plan and now Dhananad will take us Amartya and Padmanand (Nandani’s father). Dhananad reaches to Amartya and says that he managed to escape from the jail. Amatya says that perhaps Chandra wants to reach to Padmanand by setting you free deliberately.

Nandni is confused about this entire happening and thinks why does Chandra was taking her side in front of Helina. Chandra walks in and asks her what are you thinking right now. Do you think that I know nothing? I know you are behind his release. Nandni says get him back, if you can. Chandra says that he would find out the where about of his brother in next five days and would kill him in front of her. (ALSO READ: Chandra Nandini Promo OUT: Actor Rajat Tokas dons Chandragupt Maurya look, Shweta Basu Prasad returns as Nandini; Watch new promo!)