Did you ever think that Hollywood actor Carlos Irwin Estevez best known by stage name Charlie Sheen would be hiding such a big secret? The very well known Hollywood superstar is an HIV positive since years. The actor himself will be coming forward to reveal this shocking news on the Today show with Matt Lauer. This much ‘revealing interview’ will take place in the morning breakfast show on November 17 that is today.

According to leading media reports, ‘The Three Musketeers’ actor has a long history of sleeping with porn stars. His indulgence in high-sex practices without any precautions has put him in this pathetic state. A close friend of the actor revealed that Charlie thought he was ‘indestructible’. The actor and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller have twin sons. Apparently the actor ‘potentially’ infected his ex-wife with HIV. (ALSO READ: Charlie Sheen turns 50: Watch his best moments from Two and a Half Men)

The shocking news of Charlie Sheen been infected by such a deadly virus was revealed by the National ENQUIRER. An investigation for about one year and six months was conducted by ENQUIRER after which this dreadful news of the 50-year-old star was revealed. Charlie Sheen has had sex with multiple partners without indicating them about his deadly medical issue. He even exposed four women in the past with this virus and also tried to make a hefty settlement with one female partner. (ALSO READ: Charlie Sheen blasts ex-wife Denise Richards on Twitter, calls her ‘evil terrorist’)

In the past Charlie Sheen has topped the headlines for issues such as domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse. Apparently the actor does not know how he contracted this deadly virus. This personal announcement on the American programme will definitely leave the world stunned. Let’s see if the movie fanatics remember Charlie Sheen as a wonderful actor or someone who contracted the deadly virus.