Few hours ago there was all news floating across social media sites with regards to the Hollywood superstar Charlie Sheen’s health status. It was said that Charlie Sheen is an HIV positive. This news surely shook the world. It was a secret that came out in the open. It was also said that Charlie will make a personal announcement on the same on the American programme Today. Now who all knew about it is the question.

Apparently, the superstar who did a cameo in the film ‘Loose Women’ had HIV since years. Since how many years Charlie is an HIV positive is not clear yet. In between this guessing game, there was someone who knew about Charlie Sheen’s health issue. It was none other than his ex-wife Denise Richards. The couple split in the year 2006. Denise revealed to a leading media website that she knew that Charlie was infected with the dreadful disease since many years. (ALSO READ: Charlie Sheen to disclose his HIV positive status on American show Today)

There are many others who knew that Charlie is an HIV positive. Denise even told that he was infected with the dreadful virus after they separated. She even clarified that neither she nor her two daughters are HIV positive. Charlie feared to come out in the open about this thing as he wondered what his fans would think about him in the future.

Charlie has been spending a lot for the medication. He never knew how he contracted with this deadly disease. The actor was highly indulged in sexual activities and has had sex with multiple partners. Now let’s wait and watch what announcement Charlie Sheen makes today on the popular American show. (ALSO READ: Charlie Sheen turns 50: Watch his best moments from Two and a Half Men)