If you were bowled by Chris Martin and the band Coldplay making their mark in the Indian music scene with their music video Hymn for the Weekend, wait till you listen to this new track. A Delhi based musician Vipin Sharma has come up with the most perfect track of the two musicians loved worldwide; Coldplay and A R Rahman! Yes, you heard it right, here is a brand new version of Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay and Urvashi Urvashi by A R Rahman.

Get ready to be amazed by this musical gem that is bursting with energy. The guy has done an incredible job at getting the two perfect songs together and giving us the most amazing cover of Coldplay and A R Rahman at the same time. The tune is blissful and his vocals too hit the right note. Adventure of a Lifetime was originally Coldplay’s first single from the album Head Full of Dreams.And who can forget A R Rahman’s Urvashi Urvashi song from Humse Hai Muqabla featuring Prabhu Deva going crazy dancing away to the tunes of this epic song.

We hope soon Coldplay and A R Rahman come together to collaborate and come up with an actually massive song! Meanwhile check out this amazing cover of Coldplay’s Adventure of a lifetime and A.R Rahman’s Urvashi Urvashi!