Coldplay took Youtube by storm with their ‘Hymn for the Weekend‘ song. The song is from their latest album A Head Full Of Dreams. It features appearances from R&B queen Beyonce and Indian actress, Sonam Kapoor. Upon its release, the music video suffered the wrath on Twitter. The song’s video,  allegedly, stereotypes Indian culture. But the audio of the single is not fantastic either. (ALSO READ: Coldplay’s ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ video sparks Twitter debate)

Everyone is hell bent on making Coldplay pay for their ‘degrading’ India and its culture. Music enthusiasts may complain about the quality of the song. Hymn for the Weekend starts with R&B opener and then there is a gradual build in the tempo. Since Coldplay is a contemporary rock band, the expectations would be a guitar strumming and a small but stunning guitar solo. However, the song continues along with its medley between Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Beyonce.

The main problem with the song is it talks about getting high and drunk. There is even a touch of lust, delivered by Beyonce, but it doesn’t induce any reactions of the sort. It does not make the listener want to party neither does it make one get high. There are better songs for that: take Tov Lo’s ‘Habits’ for example. Coldplay’s experimentation to combine two different genres doesn’t work, and Coldplay knows it. (ALSO READ: Beyonce Knowles wears Indian designers’ creation in Coldplay video)


Coldplay did a similar song by collaborating with Rihanna for ‘Princess of China’. That song initially gained momentum, but it plummeted after that. Hymn for the Weekend pictures Indian culture, Princess of China showed Chinese mythology and culture. And Princess of China is not regarded as the Coldplay’s best songs.

Coldplay is one of the best active bands in the current music industry. Their previous albums topped Billboards charts. They won million hearts with their songs and early albums like ‘Rush of Blood to the Heart’ and ‘X & Y’. They hit a global phenomenon because of their 2008 ‘Viva La Vida’ album. Each of their songs was unique, the tone catchy and lyrics easy to remember. Then they started experimenting with their songs and Hymn for the Weekend is one of the results. However, it doesn’t mean that the song is atrocious or the band has lost some of its potentials. They are still as good, and they are getting better. ‘Paradise’ from ‘Mylo Xyloto’ is the testament to their calibers. It is certain though that Hymn for the Weekend is not their best.