A complaint has been registered in Kolkata against Punjabi singer and actor Gurdas Maan for allegedly breaching a contract. The complaint mentions that the singer did not turn up to perform at a Durga Puja pandal in the city despite the advance payment of his fees. As per Zee Media Bureau, the 22 pally Durga Puja committee made their Pandal based on the theme of Amritsar’s Golden Temple and invited Gurdas Maan to perform at the Subhash Uddyan venue in South Kolkata locality on October 6.

However, the singer refused to perform citing religious and moral reasons. He said the visitors at the Pandal were allowed to not cover their heads and wear footwear inside the pandal that hampered with his faith. The veteran singer mentioned that he decided to cancel his performance after realising that the formation of the Pandal and the gathering could hurt the sentiment of the Sikh people.

Sharing his reason clearly, Maan said he was shocked to see the violations that could hurt Sikh sentiments and therefore, did what he felt was right at the moment. The Durga Puja committee, however, claimed that Maan was told about the planning and the theme well in advance and at that time, he took the money and agreed to perform only to back out later. The veteran singer had reportedly taken the amount of Rs 6 lakh to perform at the Pandal that he is yet to return. He has asked for time till Wednesday to make the payment back.