Be original. Copies are cheap. We hope television star Karan Patel gets this message. The popular face on the small screen ,thanks to the widely watched series Yeh Hain Mohabbatein, Patel  copies none other than the Baadshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan. Karan is not a bad actor actually, but the way he projects himself in front of the camera (as well as off it) makes you go–Ouch! the imitation is so blatant! C’mon Karan please note an important message that will help you stay relevant in the long run- When you copy the best, you become only the second best. Do you want to grow under the tall shadows of superstar Khan, Mr Patel? Think, and modify! ALSO READ: Shah Rukh Khan introduces his die hard Fan!

Patel might have fetched envibale popularity thanks to his TV stints, but copying Shah Rukh is not going to get him anywhere. Sadly, we hear comments about him which go somewhat like this–accha, woh Shah Rukha Khan ki copy maarta hain woh TV actor? We simply tched tched on hearing these comments and decided to mov one. But Karn should try to break away from that image. The sooner he does that the better it will be for him.

From the way he bites his lips to the way he flashes that lop sided smile. And from the way he smirks to his body language–everything about Patel screams one thing–Brand SRK!! We thought ( and we were wrong) that the man was asked to imitate SRK for the think-tank of YHM did not want  the actor to bring about any changes in his demeanour, since the popularity of the show was only zooming. But when Karan started hosting a reality dance show recently, we saw the man carrying the same style (Oh-so-heavily inspired from Shah Rukh Khan) on the stage as well!

And then we discovered this video that only added shame to our embarrassment. Karan confessed in this video that he imitates Shah Rukh blatantly! Will the real Karan Patel please stand up?