Sara Ali Khan was all set to make her Bollywood debut opposite Sushant Singh Rajput in Kedarnath. However, with director Abhishek Kapoor and producers KriArj Entertainment taking matters to the court, it doesn’t seem like the film will see the light of day anytime soon. For the uninitiated, Prernaa Arora has dragged Abhishek to the court and filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly breaching the contract. Abhishek has been accused of being inefficient and delaying the movie. As per latest reports, KriArj Entertainment has stated that it will approach the Bombay High Court to fortify its right on the film.

Now with the film’s future on tenterhooks, emerging reports suggest that Sara’s father, Saif Ali Khan is worried about her debut and has started looking out for fall back options. A source in the know of the matter told Deccan Chronicle, “This time Saif is on the lookout for the right vehicle for his daughter’s launch. So far, her mother Amrita Singh has been calling the shots.” Last we heard was Amrita Singh having a spat with Abhishek Kapoor for acting impulsively and ruining her daughter’s career even before it took off.

Meanwhile, the lawyers of both the parties have different sides of the story, which they are using to their advantage to win the legal battle. KriArj’s lawyer, Lavin C Hirani, in a statement told the media that they would be moving the Bombay High Court for enforcing their rights on the film by early next week. “There is enough material to show that KriArj has complied with all its commitments as per their understanding with Abhishek Kapoor/GITS (Guy In The Sky productions). As I understand, there have been several serious defaults by GITS of its duties and obligations towards KriArj, including there being severe delays in the production of the film which was completely in a mess right from the start of the film for reasons solely attributable to GITS. Inspite of the above, KriArj provided its unconditional support to GITS and continued to make huge investments in the film till it was realised that the amounts were not being used for the right purposes,” the statement read, adding that they have tried to resolve the issue with GITs several times in the past but to no avail. “KriArj, T-Series and Balaji are the rightful owners of the film as its co-producers and therefore, GITS has no rights to oust KriArj out of the film and out of its legal rights as producers and owners of the film,” it read.

On the other hand, Gattu Kapoor aka Abhishek’s lawyer had another story to tell. Previously, in a media statement he said that GITS had terminated the contract with KriArj on January 15, 2018 due to defaults committed by the production company, which include default in payment, bouncing of cheque and bouncing of NEFT; as importantly, also lack of transparency in their dealings. ” GITS did not decide to make the contents of termination public,”  Kapor’s lawyer accused, further adding that the production company had been spreading “mischievous” rumours. Matters are indeed worsening day by day between the two parties. Let’s hope Saif turns things around for Sara who’s Bollywood debut is now stuck in this legal mess. In the meantime, there are rumours of Sara playing the lead role opposite Ranveer Singh in Simmba.