Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have for long been together. It has been more than four years that the two are together. They are the Ram Leela of Bollywood and their pairing both on and off screen is nothing short of SENSATIONAL. They know that we know that. Though the have been going strong, there have been reports of the two parting ways for quite some time. They appeared together for Mukesh Ambani’s party hand in hand to end all the rumours, later Ranveer was also a part of Deepika Padukone xXx promotions in Mumbai but the leggy lass had her eyes only on her co-star Vin Diesel. It is said that their long distance relationship and DP’s closeness to Vin took a toll on their relationship.

Even recently, both DP and Ranveer were spotted separately spending some time with their friends. The Padmavati actor underwent a minor surgery but Deepika was not SNAPPED visiting him either. While Ms Padukone is jet-setting in and around country, meeting friends or fulfilling her professional commitments, her alleged ex-beau Ranveer was seen cooling his heels alone in the city. But if you notice, it is only after Padmavati went on floors, the two have been keeping a safe distance from each other at least in the front of paparazzi. ALSO READ: Deepika Padukone PARTIES hard with her friends, as Ranveer Singh recuperates from a surgery (View HQ pics)

Well, is it possible then that the two are maintaining distance only because they want to create buzz for Padmavati? After all, the two will NOT romance each other in the flick. On the contrary, Deepika’s character is a proud Rajput queen who self-immolates herself so that she does not have to be with Ranveer’s Allaudin Khilji who is an oppressive ruler, obsessed with the beautiful Padmavati. Their current behaviour in front of the media well suits this plot, no?

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Deepika Padukone at an event in Delhi

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Deepika at a product launch in the capital


Meanwhile, Ranveer is spotted at an eatery alone.

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Deepika sharing a light moment with her gal pal


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