There’s a blink-and-miss shot in Deepika Padukone‘s much-discussed and dissected (over analysed, hyped and deeply probed into) ‘My Choice’ video. The leggy actress is seen pulling her bra, tucking the strap out from the top and is even seen showcasing her toned back in a gesture that makes you wonder if she is about to unhook it. Given the nature of the video and the thought that has gone into crafting it, we are sure that the visual is put to make a definite statement. Perhaps we are trying to read too much between the lines, but it goes without saying that the aforementioned visual is not just a one-off shot that comprises the beautiful montage. It has a define place there. It’s existence is apt, and is even meaningful! This is how we would like to interpret it.

All my life, there have been countless instances where I have witnessed ladies using their suggestive glances to convey something really urgent. It’s not difficult to read their code language though. A gentle tap on the shoulder and the prompt gaze that quickly says, ‘Hey, your bra is showing!!!’ Be it on crowded trains, buses or in malls, I have seen my mother telling (or being told) that the bra-strap is peeking out. Isn’t that strange? So what if the strap of your bra is showing? You are wearing one. So isn’t it okay if a hint of white (or black ) is sticking out unknowingly (or otherwise?). Some creepy creatures might use their eyes to violate  your body just by glancing at that strap. But does tucking it inside and hiding it carefully serve any purpose? The prying eyes will quickly move to something else – Perhaps they will start roving all over the waist or the even the posterior. The possibilities are many and equally disgusting. And ladies must protest, fight and vocalize when they encounter those sticky eyes and untamed elbows, waiting for the ‘accidental’ nudge.

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Why should the lady feel a hint of shame or disgust? Placing the strap where it originally was will hardly solve the problem. It may appear as a quick-‘fix’ but the solution to the deeply-entrenched problem will not be solved with a slight ‘adjustment’. Ladies, you have got to be fearless and more importantly, you need to be yourself. If men can flaunt the strap of their undies to make a loud statement,  why are women made to feel that their characters will be judged because of an unintentional slip!

So what if the tiny strap shows, ladies you should slide it right in only if you want to. The choice is–and should always be–entirely yours!