Deepika Padukone's My Choice: Men hit back - male version of video says men don't support cheating!

If you liked Deepika Padukone’s video My Choice, based on the theme of women’s empowerment, you will be shocked to see how some men have taken to it. While most women were rather pleased with what was being said in the Deepika Padukone My Choice video, some men are definitely not happy with what is being claimed as a woman’s ‘choice’. A man wrote a blog about how he doesn’t agree with the Deepika Padukone video, while another actually went ahead and created the ‘unofficial male version of Deepika Padukone – My Choice’ called My Choice – Male Version.

The men who’ve made the male version, Brathouse Films, do not agree with the point made by Deepika Padukone that is is a woman’s choice to cheat on her partner or indulge in adultery. He also does not like it that it is assumed that he will cheat on his wife or girlfriend just because he is coming home late.

The My Choice – Male Version video, uploaded on YouTube from, has also gone viral like the Deepika video. We wonder what the Piku actress or even Homi Adajania, the director of My Choice, has to say about this video! Or Vogue India, for whom the short film was created. And oh, btw, there was also a mashup video of My Choice with Govinda’s song Meri Marzi – but thankfully it did not insult anyone.

Watch: My Choice – Male Version video right here!