Are you wondering if the controversial picture featuring Padmavati star Deepika Padukone, where she is seen posing nude is for real? No, it’s a hoax. We know that Maxim magazine is better known for its steamy hot cover pictures of celebrities from the B-town, but this is not one of them. This is a fake picture that is doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

The magazine cover for Maxim featured, the actress’ side profile, while her one leg is wrapped around a nude male model with his back facing the camera. This fake image, which is being circulated on a social media platform, has taken things to a different level.

The fake cover that features the Cocktail beauty calls her ‘Superwoman’. Not only that, it also claims to have an exclusive interview with the actress in the inside pages as the cover reads, ‘Deepika Padukone: How to Thrive in a male dominated Industry’. It appears as if a cover shoot has been done to support the article. The other articles on the cover read ‘International wardrobe malfunction’ and ‘The Great Battle of Cleavage’, among others.

deepika (2)

In case, you want to be sure that it’s not the Padmavati actress but some designer’s great photoshop skills, you may compare the viral nude picture with the ones that she shot in the past for Maxim cover. You’ll see major differences like the tone of her skin, body structure, among others. Take a look here…

I know, the disgusting attempt of the designer, who has photoshopped Deepika’s face to a nude body, is too accurate that we will be convinced that the actress has done a nude photo shoot. But the truth behind this controversial picture is that it’s a bogus cover and Deepika hasn’t posed nude for any cover yet but has just become a victim of an obnoxious morphed image controversy.

Edited By – Leona Nathan