Bigg Boss 8 contestant Deepshikha Nagpal got married the second time in 2012, with her model-actor boyfriend Kaishav Arora, but the couple are now divorced. The actors had decided to take their relationship to the next level after two years of dating. But soon after marriage, differences took over and there were constant fights between the two. That’s when Deepshikha and Kaishav decided to go their separate ways. (ALSO READ: OMG! Bigg Boss 8 contestant Deepshikha Nagpal throws husband Kaishav Arora out of the house?)

After a few months of separation, Kaishav and Deepshikha gave another chance to love. But it seems as if their efforts of staying together proved futile and things took an ugly turn in mid-2015. There were rumours that Kaishav was cheating on Deepshikha and also hit her. She soon filed for divorce, which was finalised on February 24.

Deepshikha did not want her kids from her previous marriage to undergo any stress because of her broken relationship and so had kept a low profile.

A source informed BT, “Deepshikha had filed for divorce in May 2015, but decided not to accelerate the process hoping that they would reconcile their differences. However, she didn’t withdraw the petition and when things became unbearable, she pursued the case. The legal separation came through last month.”

On March 8, 2016, Kaishav visited Deepshikha’s house in her absence and collected his stuff. The actress on returning home told Kaishav to leave the house. Instead, he started abusing her in front of her son and Deepshika immediately filed a non-cognisable complaint in Bangur Nagar Police Station against her hubby for physical abuse.

On the other hand, Kaishav explained his side to BT , saying, “Though she slapped me a few times, I didn’t hit her back. I have been living like a servant in her house, but I belong to a family that doesn’t wash dirty linen in public. The cheating accusations are baseless. The real story is that she has had relationships outside marriage. Problems started when I learnt about them. We finally parted ways legally last month.”