Actor Dia Mirza has been associated with various social campaigns. In one of her latest pubic appearances, she talked about being harassed as a child and how she dealt with it fearlessly. The actor was talking at an event about kids and violence against women when she revealed that she was being stalked by someone back home in Hyderabad when she was a young girl and she decided to confront him.

In that moment, Dia said she decided to not let her fear to overpower her and she turned to face her stalker. The actor revealed that she confronted him and the boy was totally taken aback and had no answer. She shared the incident to justify how more women should collect the courage to call out their harassers and report crimes without fearing anything. Dia said every reported crime tends to make a difference and empowers women in ways more than one. The actor added that when a woman shares her story, it encourages other women to speak out and that’s a major step in curbing harassment.

Dia was quoted by news agency IANS as saying, “It is much more, with its long and firm roots in the mind-sets and the play of patriarchy. The manifestations of violence can take as horrific a turn as rape. It renders me speechless to hear how young children also fall prey to most heinous of violence and violations.”

The actor made a beautiful post on Instagram explaining how India can never become a superpower if half of the population, which is women, would feel ‘disadvantaged’. Dia asserted that harassment is not a ‘woman’s problem’, it’s a ‘social problem.’