Sachin Tendulkar’s docu-drama Sachin: A Billion Dreams received applauds from fans and it has been performing exceptionally well at the box office too. Anyone and everyone is gushing about the film. The film is just a worth a worth and a magical experience for all the Sachin fans. Just after the release of the film, there have been rumours of the God of cricket charging whopping amount of rupees 35-40 crore to make his film. But hey, don’t believe the rumours. The master blaster didn’t charge any fee. (ALSO READ: When Anushka Sharma couldn’t say NO to beau Virat Kohli at Sachin: A Billion Dreams film premiere (Watch video)

The spokesperson of Sachin refuted the news with a statement yto an online portal which reads, “The suggestion on Sachin Tendulkar’s fee for ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’ is incorrect and grossly overstated. Sachin has completely backed this project which has resulted in creation of a commercially viable genre of docu-drama for the Indian film industry.” (ALSO READ: Sachin A Billion Dreams Celeb review: Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Ranveer Singh emotionally moved after watching the film)

Well we hope Sachin is not affected with these rumours. The film has so earned Rs 27 core in just 3 days which is just unbelievable. Talking about his first reaction on doing a film on his life, Sachin said, “My initial reaction was no (smiles). I said I can’t act, I don’t want to act; I am a sportsperson, not an actor. So, it took them a while to convince me and to let me know I have to act. Because everything in my life has been documented, there are no made-up stories… there is no way to rewrite a script to show I have made extra runs. They (makers) felt no one knows what went on in my mind during the highs and lows [of my career]. So, we needed to show that to as many guys as possible.”