Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar came together at the press conference of November 3 release, Ittefaq, which is co-produced by the two. The film, starring Sidharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha and Akshaye Khanna, marks the actor-filmmaker duo’s 10th collaboration. It was only natural for the two to go down memory lane and talk about the first time they met each other, their first impressions and how their bond has grown stronger over the years.

Getting nostalgic, Shah Rukh reminisced how she was awed by Yash Johar and his school of filmmaking and felt blessed to be loved and treated like family. Addressing the media at the press conference, SRK said, “I first worked with Yashji in Duplicate (1998) and then the long association started with Karan Johar’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998). Over the years, my equation with Karan has seen different shades of love. Friend, brother, a connection at higher levels. And then situations where we supposedly have fought.”


Shah Rukh Khan - Karan Johar

Shah Rukh Khan – Karan Johar


But there are some relationships in life that don’t need to be substantiated or explaining and that’s what SRK and Karan share. “It irritates me as a matter of fact to keep on explaining that I love Karan, I love Hiroo aunty and I love his two little babies (Roohi and Yash),” said SRK, further sharing that their personal equations with other people within the industry has also not been able to bring any dent on their relationship.

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Shah Rukh Khan Asks Fans To Say NO To Spoilers Ahead Of Ittefaq’s Release (Watch Video)

“There are times when we are not doing a film together. I do something with someone Karan doesn’t get along with, and there are lots of people at different times that Karan doesn’t get along with and then gets along with. I can’t keep tab of his good and bad times with people and so fortunately or unfortunately I go on to be working with people he must be hating at point of time, but that has never come between the relationship we share,” Shah Rukh said, giving rise to a round of roaring laughter amongst media people, who perhaps knew what he was trying to get at.

It is only recently that Karan Johar mended fences with his friend-turned-foe Kajol Devgn. The two weren’t on talking terms when the latter was filming Dilwale (2015) with SRK. Kajol and SRK on the other hand have shared a long association and are very good friends. It takes little effort to read between the lines of what SRK said the Ittefaq press conference and know that that was a friendly jibe at his BFF Karan Johar’s fluctuating equations with people. We wonder if given an opportunity, SRK would be as welcoming of the idea of working with Kangana Ranaut as he was about working with KJo’s then foe, Kajol.