Bollywood actor Vidya Balan is in a busy phase right now. She is switching between two sets to meet her work commitments currently. Her last film Kahaani 2 was a failure at box office and failed to impress her fans. But the actress is unaffected with the numbers and is looking forward to the coming year with lot of hope. The actress is going to turn a year older on January 1 and wants to ring in her birthday with family and close friends. Vidya got candid in an interview with Hindustan Times recently and revealed her career plans and the actors she wants to work with. She also spoke about how the financial crunch has affected our film industry and why its necessary for producers to make money.

The Indian box office saw a lul -like situation this year with a number of films not performing well. All the money the makers had pumped in to the project failed to recover at times since the audience didn’t give a good response to the films. But if such situation continue then producers wont have much money left to fund a project. Vidya Balan who is married to a producer, throwing light on the scenario said, “I think the economics of the industry has been whopped. I guess that is reflective of what’s happening in the rest of the world. The moneyed make more money, and the rest don’t. Most importantly, for films to continue being made — and being married to a producer (Siddharth Roy Kapur), I can say for sure —producers need to make money.” (ALSO READ: Kahaani 2 Box Office: Vidya Balan’s starrer ‘Kahaani 2’ gets a decent occupancy!)

Vidya thinks that some A-list actor also have a profit share in their film which makes it difficult for the producers to earn well. “When I talk about producers or studios, for anyone who’s putting in money, there has to be a return on their investment. There has to be a profit. I meet actors and directors who have done films that have either stopped midway or they haven’t been released. I’m sure there must be good content. In the male actor-driven films, a large chunk of the money goes back to them (the actors). The producers get a very small amount. I am not completely aware of the situation, but this is my understanding of it. Therefore, we should look at some corrective measures. Also, we need more theatres all over the country,” added the Kahaani 2 star. (ALSO READ: Silk Smitha birthday special: When Kahaani 2 star Vidya Balan made big and bold look beautiful!)

We all are well aware that the three Khans, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan take a share of profit in every film they work in. Is Vidya hinting at the Khan’s for snatching producer’s share of income? What do you think guys?