dish650Harman Baweja’s acting, Sunny Deol who doesn’t sport his dhai kilo ka haath and the CGI are all a combination of such crap that coupled with the badly-dubbed scenes look like something that would have been a reject film of the 90’s but in HD. Harman Baweja has a difficult childhood and ends up becoming a gangster and meets all the right kind of wrong people. He quickly seeks to be the one at the top by slaughtering his way up the crime chain.

Horribly cringe-worthy ‘steamy’ scenes and the effects that would certainly not make you look forward to the film even when it makes its World Premiere on TV, which will most probably be shortly after it hits and misses the target of Box Office cash registers. Unless Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s debut production is publicized extremely well, it has little chance of making even decent success.

Here’s the trailer.