Now that, only four jodis are left in the dance reality show, Nach Baliye 8, we can see the benchmark that has been set for the participants is too high and the race to finale is getting tougher with every performance. All the four finalists are busy rehearsing and asking for votes from their fans because aside from the judgement of the judges and Baliyes’ dancing prowess, audience votes are imperative. The audience votes are going to decide the ultimate fate of the participants. Since all the four jodis enjoy popularity among the masses, it has become too difficult to anticipate the winner of Nach Baliye 8. But recently something happened that has dampened the spirits of Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya.

Divyanka Tripathi, who is very well-known for her character as Ishita in ‘Ye Hai Moahabbatein’ and her husband Vivek Dahiya are often in the headlines. She had been in the news for her injury, then for her horrifying experience of encountering a fan stalker and the most recent one is that Divek’s fan pages are being taken down on social media account –Instagram, causing the couple inconvenience in attracting more votes.

Divyanka looked quite worried as she tweeted about this. She wrote, “My fan pages, manager’s pages are being unnecessarily reported and taken down by a certain lot on Insta! False news being mailed to channel.”

Divek is an extremely popular couple and has umpteen fan club pages on various social media accounts, which have been appealing for votes for the talented and deserving couple. In another five minutes, she tweeted again and said, “Fans started to promote us yesterday and biggest of fanpages on #insta are taken down! I’m pained for my fans..@facebook 4.5M are waiting! (ALSO READ: Nach Baliye 8: Ye hai Mohabbatein star Divyanka Tripathi reveals horrifying details of being stalked by a fan)

As per the news in India Forums, it was Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal aka Monaya, who are to be blamed for this fiasco. They are also one of the contenders in Nach Baliye 8. According to the report in the portal, “It is being said that apparently, it is the fans of Mohit Sehgal – Sanaya Irani who’ve been up to this.”

Going live 5 mins

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However, Monaya is a sweet couple and their performance is great too so they will not have to resort to such desperate measures to influence their fans to win a competition. Moreover, it’s not sure who is behind this unseemly act, but this shouldn’t affect Divyanka and Vivek’s votes. We hope that Divek’s fan clubs are restored before the voting lines close as all the four jodis are deserving and the competition must be won fair and square.

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