The telly couple Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya got married last night and the newly wed duo looks quite happy. Divyanka looked gorgeous in her red outfit and Vivek looked like a royal groom wearing a sherwani at the wedding. The first picture from their wedding is doing rounds on social media and fans are going gaga over their adorable photos. The duo came out to interact with the media post their wedding and looked quite stunning with each other. ALSO READ: Divyanka Tripathi & Vivek Dahiya’s Wedding: Mrs Dahiya heads to Chandigarh for reception!

Here’s a video of the couple wherein Vivek was seen giving a bouquet of red roses to his beautiful wife Mrs. Divyanka Vivek Dahiya and he was about to mention about their honeymoon plans. When Divyanka immediately stopped him by laughing harder and said, “Met btao, met btao (Don’t say, don’t say).” ALSO READ: Divyanka Tripathi & Vivek Dahiya’s Wedding: View these gorgeous pictures of the newly wed couple!

Vivek also supported his wifey and said, “Hum log kahin nahi ja rahe. Shayad parso jaye (We aren’t going anywhere. We might go somewhere day after tomorrow).” Divyanka added further, “We don’t know if we will be able to catch a flight (for our honeymoon), there is so much of a time crunch.” Later the conversation took another turn.

Divyanka also informed the media that the wedding happened in the traditional way and she said “My bidaai is happening from my home that is Bhopal and from here I will go to Chandigarh which is my sasural where a proper reception will be taking place. After that we will go to Mumbai and then PARTY!”

So what do you think where are the newly wed heading towards?