Nach Baliye 8 is making the news since the day it hit the screens. The actors who are participating in the dance reality show are so popular that they stay in news even when they don’t perform. Before last week’s performance, we reported to you that Divyanka Tripathi was not in a position to continue dancing as her back pain grew unbearable. She had a problem of slipped disc and with constant rehearsals, the back pain cropped up again and she was stuck on bed taking rest and hoping that see will be better next week to wear her dancing shoes.

All the fans of Divyanka and Vivek were saddened by the fact that their favorite couple will not perform this week. But there are always some haters who keep finding occasions to pull off their gossip stunts. It was speculated by many that Divyanka was faking her injury and just backed out of dancing. At the last minute Vivek Dahiya had to perform with the choreographer of Pritam Singh and Amanajot.

To put a band aid over the moths of the gossipers, Divyanka released a video on her twitter account to prove that she was actually looking forward to perform with Vivek. She practiced the dance sequence very well but it was just not in the stars for her to perform that week.

Divyanka wrote, “Rehearsal vid for those who wanted to see me performing last week.Answer for those who felt I’m faking my injury!#HonestHeart #HonestAction”