Sandhya’s decision to join the Mahabali Mission has turned out against her. She is now considered as dead by her family and the world. She is now repenting her decision of choosing her job over her family. In a recent promo, we say Bhabho and the Rathi family performing the Sandhya’s final rites. Bhabo orders everyone in the family to let go all memories of Sandhya and no one will ever talk or think about her. (ALSO READ: Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sandhya is dead; Bhabo wipes out all memories of her favourite ‘Bindhani?)

Sooraj is however, not convinced that his beloved wife has left him all alone forever. He looks displeased at his fate as his son tugs him hard. Sandhya, on the other hand, is seen kidnapped by some local goon who threatens to kill her if she doesn’t reveal her true identity. Sandhya, took a complete Bengali avatar, for the Mahabali mission and gets kidnapped in between the mission.

The latest reports about the show is that Sooraj will remarry. The Rathi family is all engrossed in making preparations of their son’s second wedding. But Sooraj is upset and has a strong belief that his wife Sandhya is still alive. Much to everyone’s surprise, Sandhya will decide to go back to her family in Pushkar.

Her re-entry in the Rathi house will happen on the day of Sooraj’s second wedding. Everyone will be shaken to see Sandhya back all fit and fine. How will Sooraj react on seeing Sandhya back? Will Sooraj go ahead and marry the girl his family chose for him? For latest updates on Diya Aur Baati Hum, stay tuned to this space.