The much popular and widely watched TV soap Diya Aur Baati Hum continues to throw newer surprises with lots of twists and turns. Rathi family continues to face new sets of challenges. As if the dilemma of the much fancied reunion of Ved and Vansh was not enough, Sandhya has a news task on her already occupied hands. This time it is Sooraj’s profession that has irked son Ved and it has become the bone of contention in Rathi family. Sandhya is not happy about the complete disregard son Ved shows to his father’s professional choice. Ved is ashamed his father and the fact that he could not excel in his life. He even refuses to digest the fact that his father is a Halwai. The young boy even lies to his school friends that his father is an entrepreneur.

Ved takes immense pride in his mother’s identity. He even states that he wants to be courageous like his mother Sandhya who is an IAS officer. Sandhya is trying desperately to convince her son that it is not just the professional (and monetary) success that counts but the values and virtues one nourishes counts far more. Things are likely to get more complicated as Ved wants to celebrate his birthday in a fancy way while Ppa Sooraj has more conventional plans by making sweets and mithai at his halwai store. Will Sandhay intervene and make Ved understand the importance of hard work and honesty?