It’s been ages since Shera has been serving as Salman Khan’s bodyguard. Be it any set of a film, award shows, abroad or any party – you’ll see Shera right next to the superstar protecting him from all sorts of dangers. Today, Shera is the most sought after personal bodyguard but no matter what, he’ll never leave by his ‘maalik’s’ side. Yes, that’s what he calls Salman – Maalik. The bond that Salman and Shera shares, is truly amazing. In an interview with a leading online magazine Shera revealed about his equation with the 51-year-old superstar. He also revealed how Salman is like a God to him. Strange right!

Many might not be aware, Shera was not the bodyguard to Salman Khan first but to Slash, the lead vocalist of the popular band Guns N Roses. Soon after that, this popular man put up his own security agency named Tiger Security Services. And it was in 1997 when Salman’s brother Sohail offered Shera to be the former’s personal bodyguard. In an interview with MensXp Shera couldn’t stop singing praises about the actor. He said one big thing about Salman and it was, “He is my God and the man who made me whatever I am today.” (ALSO READ: Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera shares some least known facts about Canadian singer Justin Bieber)

Speaking more about his job and Salman Khan he was further quoted saying as, “Your work is what makes you who you are. And for me, my work is worship. I honestly don’t know what I would have been if not Salman Khan’s personal bodyguard. I would have been someone who had a small security agency… I don’t know. I only have Salman Khan to thank for all that I have today. I owe it all to the man I call Maalik.” (ALSO READ: Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera peps up security for Justin Bieber’s arrival (View Pics))

It was just recently when Shera was seen along with Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. It was because, Shera was the singer’s bodyguard while he was here in the country for the Purpose World Tour.