London, Dec 15: Actress Jessica Alba says she owes her success to the people who doubted her caliber.The 34-year-old “Fantastic Four” star, who made her foray into acting a the age of 18, says she was driven to become successful because of people, who did not have confidence on her, reported Female First.(Also Read: Jessica Alba feels like a ‘lone wolf’)

“People doubted me as an actress and that’s something that drove me. I was not going to be pegged as an action-comic-book fangirl,” Alba said.The actress also started her own billion-dollar company, Honest, which sells eco-friendly products, says the her business helped her overcome the insecurities she had about her acting career.

“When I first went to the Academy Awards in 2006, I remember thinking, ‘If I talk to anyone for too long, they’re going to know I don’t belong here.’ Now I have stopped caring so much about people liking me.”