Rumours were rife on December 22 that Indian television actor Mohsin Khan was dead and condolences had started pouring in. But thankfully, it turned out to be just another death hoax! Mohsin is NOT dead and the actor has expressed shock at the news of his death. Mohsin played Samar Sareen on Dream Girl- Ek Ladki Deewani Si, a TV show that began airing in March 2015. A very popular figure among the young viewers, the news of Mohsin’s death shocked TV fans and the industry alike. Mohsin played the love interest of Nikita Dutta (Lakshmi Mathur) on Dream Girl.

How did the rumours of Mohsin’s death start? Nobody has any clue! But it was being said that Mohsin had drowned in the Jiabharali river at Tipi, which falls at the Assam and Arunachal Pradesh border, and that his body had been found.

Mohsin denied the rumours, saying he was hale and hearty. The actor told India Forums, “I am very much safe and alive. My phone has been ringing constantly since yesterday. There was a news stating that I drowned and was found dead… That’s so bizarre! All my family and friends got tense. And imagine, I am clarifying to all of them that I am still alive!”

Well, we’re so glad Mohsin is alive and doing fine! Our heart did miss a beat there!