Los Angeles, July 16: Actress Emma Stone taught veteran director Woody Allen how Twitter worked and unwittingly used one of his own lines as an example of a good post on the micro-blogging site.(READ: Emma Stone has discreet social media account? )

The 26-year-old was asked about the microblogging site by the “Irrational Man” director – and the quote she chose to illustrate how the social media outlet worked turned out to be one of his own, reports femalefirst.co.uk.Speaking on “Conan”, she said: “He asked me what Twitter was. I had to explain Twitter to him – ‘It’s 140 characters, you have to write these sentences. I don’t really understand the point unless you are a musician advertising a gig or you are comedian doing one liners.’ “Allen, 79, asked for a “good example” of a Twitter post, Stone went to the account of Joyce Carol Oates after the filmmaker said he knew it personally and read out her post: “Tragedy plus time equals comedy.”

According to the “Birdman” star, the actor-director replied: “That’s my line. We said it about forty times. I don’t think she intentionally stole my line, maybe she just remembered. But it is very funny. I see the point I see.”And Stone believes the fact her example was taken from Allen’s 1989 film “Crimes and Misdemeanors” just proved the eccentric star should open an account on the site.”My only example was his own quote. That’s probably another reason why he should be on Twitter,” she said.