We cornered ‘Mr Serial Kisser’ recently, ahead of the release of his con caper , Kunal Deshmukh’s directorial venture Raja Natwarlal. In a free-wheeling chat Hashmi talked about his journey in the world of Bollywood and how he wants to grow with every film he does without getting typecast.

Dressed in a black shirt that reveals his cleavage more than the heroine of his next movie displays hers on the poster, Emraan is his usual cool and composed self. Exhausted with the promotional spree that he has been on for quite some time for Raja Natwarlal, Emraan doesn’t show any signs of fatigue. “Your handshake is limp though,” we bring the gesture to Hashmi’s notice. “ Don’t worry rest everything is firm and tight,” he shoots back with utter coolness which is the trademark sign of the brand Hashmi, that by the 34-year-old actor’s candid admission has not been crafted consciously.

There must be something that makes Hashmi tick with his favourite director Kunal Deshmukh. “We get along well. Our frequencies match. I don’t have to break the ice all over again with Kunal. Its better if you work with a filmmaker you share good rapport with. We know for a fact that we are working for one creative pursuit, at the end of the day. Kunal and I can tell each other things. He’s thoroughly professional,” said Emraan Hashmi.

Hashmi’s heroine, in Raja Natwarlal, the beautiful Pakistani import Humaima Malick describes Emraan as a very soft-spoken, gentle and go-to-guy as opposed to his bad boy on-screen image. Is becoming different from you screen persona an endeavor to the star, we questioned. “I am not trying to be anything. On-screen I enact a scene by becoming a character, but in real life I am my own individual, who knows what works for Emraan the character, the actor and Emraan the individual. If on screen kisses make me who I am, so be it, so long as my fans are pleased with what I do. The tag will remain. It just refuses to go” said Hashmi.

How does Hashmi see his journey so far? Has it been surprisingly rewarding so far or did it pose its own set of challenges? Is Hashmi going to take the graph higher with this new movie of his, we asked the star. “In my opinion Raja Natwarlal is the best con caper you will ever see in this country. As far as my career graph is concerned it has been good so far. I think I am undertaking this exploring journey. I am glad that I was a part of movies like The Dirty Picture, Murder and Shanghai. I am constantly exploring myself and trying to challenge the performer in me,” concluded Emraan.