Emraan Hashmi, latest photoshoot with leading entertainment magazine FHM, has made the people crazy and it is super-pleasing to gaze at. In his photoshoot, which appears to be a photo series paying tribute to one of the most iconic villains of Hollywood, The Joker. Emraan Hasmi along with model Elena Roxana Maria Fernandes, looks so much like the Joker that you will not be able to take your eyes off from him. In the photo series, Emraan Hashmi also posed as Hannibal Lecter, Walter White or Heisenberg from Breaking Bad and Aro from the Twilight series.

Emraan, who got his hair spayed green in colour, and wears a purple suit with that haunting and villainous smile, looks so badass that it almost brings out the memories of The Dark Knight and actor Heath Ledger, who played the iconic character of anti-hero against the Batman directed by Christopher Nolan. And that is just the beginning, how Emraan started slaying the looks for this phot0-series. Next in the series, thing get pretty evil yet slick, when he appears as Hannibal Lectar from The Silence of The Lambs, recreating one of most important and iconic scene from the movie. The scene recreated in the photoshoot, originally had Andrew Hopkins in the movie.

After nailing, the Hannibal Lecter pose the next photo in the series is bad so much so that it breaks all levels of badassery, because it is from one of the most popular TV series, Breaking Bad. Emraan Hashmi dressed as Walter White spot on, will get you high. This is pure treat for all those who love Emraan and Breaking Bad. You may call him Emraan Heisenberg!


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Who doesn’t love vampires? We all do. Emraan in a vampire look, may leave you wondering, whether he would suck blook first or kiss first. Whatever be the case, Emraan just look awesome in all these looks.

Here watch him having his time donning the vampire look.

Hollywood call him already. Bollywood, you should listen too!