Enrique Iglesias almost loses fingers due to drone at Mexico concert! (Watch video)

In a bizarre turn of events, singer Enrique Iglesias had two of his fingers almost chopped off by a drone! The incident reportedly happened at his concert in Mexico, and a YouTube video showing exactly what occurred is going viral. In the video, Enrique is seen singing on stage when a drone appears. He plays with it, and gets his hand caught in there instead! Not able to remove the drone, Enrique shirks it off towards the crowd! (ALSO SEE: Enrique Iglesias Birthday Special: Top 20 songs of the 40-year-old Spanish singer!)

Brave Enrique continued to perform on stage for the next 30 minutes with his wounded fingers, until he could be airlifted to hospital and treated. Just imagine the pain the singer might be in, and yet he continued to do his job! But our question is, Enrique, why were you fooling around with the drone in the first place? Was it part of the plan? On top of that, throwing it at the crowd who came to watch might’ve ended up hurting them!

This new drone technology should be tested by all angles before trying it out, we think! Watch Enrique Iglesias almost lose his fingers to the drone!