Actor Shefali Bagga, who recently got evicted from Bigg Boss 13, spoke out against Siddharth Shukla in her latest interview with a daily. The former journalist mentioned that she always loved Siddharth’s chemistry with Shehnaz Gill but she has now started to feel that the man is using his bonding with Shehnaz to look better in the show and move ahead in the game. Shefali asserted that Sid is always trying to make Shehnaz look inferior in front of Mahira Sharma and proving that she is jealous of her. However, in reality, Shehnaz is not jealous of Mahira, she only feels annoyed with Sid’s attempt of making her feel so.

Shefali also talked about her stifling argument with Paras Chhabra that may have caused her eviction in the first place. She said she stood up for herself and has no regrets in doing so because she couldn’t let him treat her profession disrespectfully. Shefali explained the entire incident and mentioned that Paras, who is one of the most popular contestants in the house, told her that he kept ‘journalists like me on the tip of his shoes.’ Paras had also told her, ‘tere jaise journalists mere aagey piche ghumte hain’ (journalists like you can always be found following me). Shefali mentioned the same incident and slammed Paras for his inappropriate behaviour. In her interview with Indian Express, she said, “I was also shocked that none of the housemates supported me. Paras even said that he makes girls like me cry. I mean, who does he think he is to make girls cry for him. It was really disgusting.”

In the eviction process which was aired in the Sunday episode, the housemates were given an opportunity to save one between Madhurima Tuli and Shefali Bagga after both of them received the lowest votes from the audience. Upon the voting, it was unanimously decided that Shefali was going to leave the house.