Actor Priyanka Chopra is the latest celebrity who has come out in support of the students at Jamia Millia Islamia university who are protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Delhi, along with various others from all across the country. The actor, on Thursday, December 19, took to social media to speak her mind against the violence and the attempt to shush the voices of dissent.

Earlier this week, the Delhi Police and the protesting students faced a clash where the police resorted to using tear gas and batons to stop the students from their peaceful demonstration against the CAA that was passed in the Rajya Sabha last week. Priyanka condemned the violence and posted a note on social media that read, “Education for every child is our dream. Education is what empowered them to think independently. We have raised them to have a voice. In a thriving democracy, to raise one’s voice peacefully and be met with violence is wrong. Every voice counts. And each voice will work towards changing India. #HaveVoiceWillRaise #HaveVoiceMustRaise” (sic)

The violence was condemned by many on social media including several Bollywood celebrities who are in fact, organising a peaceful march on Thursday, December 19, at Mumbai’s Kranti Maidan to show solidarity with the students. Actor Farhan Akhtar launched a tweet on Wednesday, December 18, announcing the protest and to explain the reason behind raising their voices against the CAA. He posted a note that also described the entire amended act along with NRC and its implications.