Actor Deepika Padukone is gearing up for the release of her upcoming film Chhapaak amid the ongoing protests against JNU attack and CAA NRC in the country. The actor was asked to comment on these nationwide protests in an interview recently and the actor said she’s glad to see there’s an unabashed voice that’s singing the same tune and the protestors are fearless which is the best thing for any country. Deepika added that people are thinking about their country and are interested in its future and that should be appreciated.

The actor was speaking in an interview with NDTV while promoting Chhapaak. Deepika mentioned that she won’t like to comment on the point of view of the protestors but seeing everyone getting united on the streets is worth celebratory for any democracy. The actor talked about change and said that a change can only be brought in life or society by raising a voice. Deepika was quoted saying, “I feel proud to see that we aren’t scared to express ourselves… I think the fact that we are thinking about the country and its future… Whatever may be our point of view, it’s nice to see.”

The actor said it’s important to let the people speak their mind without any fear and she feels proud of those who are doing the same. “I feel proud about it that people are coming out – be it on the streets or wherever they are – they are raising their voice and expressing themselves as it is important. If we want to see a change in life and society, it is important that a point of view be put forward,” Deepika said.

On Sunday, January 4, a group of masked individuals entered the campus and hostel of Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University to launch an attack on students, teachers and everyone they could raise their hands on. Several incidents of female students being brutally injured with hockey sticks and teachers being beaten emerged on social media with videos being circulated showing how the Delhi Police made way for the goons to leave the university without being any questioned asked.