Actor Priyanka Chopra and her musician husband Nick Jonas welcomed 2020 at a concert. The photos and videos of the couple celebrating the new year in front of the entire crowd have been doing the rounds on social media. Priyanka looks stunning in her pink cut-out dress at the concert as she kisses Nick and wishes the other members of the Jonas family. However, these beautiful photos and videos have begun a new rumour and quite a strong one this time.

If you look closely through the entire video, you would notice that even though Priyanka clinks her champagne glass with Nick, Joe-Danielle and others, she never takes even one sip. The actor not tasting her champagne at all while others do the cheer and drink theirs have once again fueled the rumours of her pregnancy. One of Nick-Priyanka’s fan clubs shared videos and photos of the couple ringing in their New Year festivities together. The post is filled with comments in which PC’s fans have made the observation about the actor not drinking her champagne despite holding her glass all the time. Now that really hints at Nick-Priyanka expecting their first baby. Why else would she not even take a sip despite holding the glass for such a long time especially after raising a hand in cheer? Check out this video and the comments on the post:

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Nick and Priyanka created a stir with these photos and videos online. The couple looks so adorable together and completely swooned over by each other. Nick keeps kissing Priyanka while she looks in his eyes like there’s nothing more beautiful and lovable in the whole wide world. The couple shares a warm hug and spreads cheers among fans. Your thoughts on the rumours though?